Books by Abang Brian

Kidneys - Living Well on Dialysis With Abang Brian


Growing up, I was lucky to have enjoyed many typical Malaysian dishes. Whether it was a Chinese herbal soup from my Hakka grandmother,nasi kerabu from my Kelantanese godparents, or Kristang cuisine from close family friends, there was never a dull flavour! These traditional recipes that we all know and love have been modified into tasty and healthy variations that are perfect alternatives for Haemodialysis patients, all without losing the taste that we are accustomed to!

Cooking with kids


This book contains recipes that can be prepared by kids. Recipes are divided to breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. The recipes are not only easy to make, but well-presented. We loved how sweet potatoes are turned into rats! Abang Brian gives practical tips and warnings that adults might overlook such as ‘if eggs are cracked or dirty, don’t use them’.

101 Menu Pesakit Kanser - Cegah & Rawat by Chef Brian


A set of balanced and nutritious meals for loved ones who either have cancer or who want to prevent this disease. Contains daily meals that can help prevent and treat cancer patients. Recipes are easy to follow and make, even at home. Each recipe provides a breakdown of the nutritional content of the meal. Each menu is a recommendation from a nutritionist. Talk to your doctor about the most suitable menu.

Beyond Rice Cooking


Using the right rice cooker, Abang Brian takes you beyond rice cooking. Now, complicated recipes that require longer cooking time can now be substantially shortened and simplified. Quickly put together a Malaysian feast with staples such as rendang, mutton masala, nasi briyani, pulut kuning, bubur kacanghijau, and more – with just one pot. Alternatively, one could also follow the conventional methods of preparing these recipes if one does not own the same model of the rice cooker.

Malaysian Inspired Desserts


Often you’ll find yourself wondering what desserts you want to eat but don’t know how to make on your own. Let Chef Brian show you how to make your own desserts with a stunning local Malaysian-inspired twist. A variety of unique recipes include desserts, cakes, bread, and more! 

Chef All Stars - Cabaran Dunia Masakan


Chef All Stars features Zamir, Celina, Brian, Soo Wincci, Imelda, and Micheal ANG in taking on the challenges of the culinary world. Their interest in the art of cooking prompted these six celebrities to get involved in the popular show, Masterchef Malaysia All-Stars. Zamir, Celina, Brian, Wincci, Micheal Ang, and Imelda have different backgrounds and upbringing.

Secubit garam sesudu gula


The strong friendship forged between two chefs in the first season of Masterchef Malaysia contestants became the inspiration behind the book; “Secubit garam sesudu gula”, which translates to “a pinch of salt a spoonful of sugar”. Chef Brian during his stint on Masterchef was well known for his delicious sweets while Imelda always shined through her savoury dishes. In this book, the chefs take an ingredient and showcase how it can be made either sweet or savoury. Each of the 50 dishes in this book are written with various local and international culinary influences. These recipes are guaranteed to be simple, practical and delicious.

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