Why not eat some traditional steamed pumpkin rice cakes that just is so nostalgic for me.

So satisfyingly good for you and parent earth!

A plant based gift that is perfect for holy month of ramadhan!

New Recipes!

  • Tears streamed down my cheeks as I did the Voiceover for this video. This kueh (cake) reminds me so much of home and my childhood. I hope it brings you and your family as much joy as it continues to give me and my family....

  • Why not make your own Dried Shrimp Sambal?

  • Why not make your own homemade green bean paste? I use it as a filling for Buns, Baos, Mooncakes, Pancakes and even as a spread with bread.

  • Why not make some homemade fluffy Pandan flavoured baos?

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