Eating mostly plant sources of ingredients and some sustainably farmed animal based ingredients!

Usually made with meat…here’s a ‘meaty’ plant based alternative!

We usually celebrate Dragonboat festival with dumplings made by my grand aunts… but they are no longer around so i had to learn how to make them.. traditions shall not perish!

New Recipes!

  • Why not eat some plant based Korean glazed potatoes! More than a billion people worldwide eat potato, and global total crop production exceeds 300 million metric tons. Potato is also critical in terms of food security in the face of population growth.

  • 3 ingredient Truffles … with Mashed potatoes? Why not eat some plant based truffles? Not only does it make for a yummy treat thats good for the planet, Potatoes also have a significantly higher potassium content than any of the other foods and a much...

  • Why not eat some plant based sichuan style stir fried potatoes? Potatoes are good for a healthy, sustainable earth. In fact, potatoes produce more food energy per cubic meter of water used than any other major crops and use less land per kilogram of production...

  • Why not eat some plant based potato and peanut sambal? Join me and my friends at Beans Is How in our goal of doubling global bean consumption come 2028. Beans help improve soil and water quality, as well as require less fertilizers and less water...

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